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Artist Summer Breeze in the tiny mountain town of Elkford, BC.

About me

For as long as I can remember creating art has been at the essence of my being, and though my choice of mediums and more importantly my source of inspiration have changed countless times over the years, I have never known a time where art wasn’t a part of my daily life.


My “style” came about quite naturally and early on and though my work has changed a lot over the years, I’ve always had a deep love of pattern and the texture and movement it can evoke when used with purpose. There's a universe that exists inside my mind which is much more simple and strange then what you’re used to seeing, a universe that I try to put down for all to see with my paintings. A place where abstract meets realism and where colour is so exaggerated that it can’t be ignored.


Originally from Windsor, Ontario, I moved around a bit after universtiy, but eventutally settled in Kitimat on the North Coast of BC shortly where I instantly fell in love with all things West Coast. Initially unable to find work there in my field, I decided to try my luck in the local craft fair with some smaller paintings that I’d been working on while transitioning from oil paints to acrylics, and that single decision has shaped every aspect of my life since. After living there for over a decade, eventually my longing to be closer to family drew me to the Elk Valley, and after living in the area for about a year I decided to take my home and studio closer to the wild up in Elkford. When I first left the Northwest I was hopeful for the future, but weary of losing what had been the source of my creativity for so long. It’s now been a few years since I made that move, and though everything still feels very new to me, the move has acted as a rejuvenating transition and breathed new life into my work. I’ve befriended the great mountains of the East Kootenays and the forests and rivers of the Elk Valley are now my backyard. I’ve come to learn firsthand why so many artists call the Elk Valley home.

It’s now been over 10 years since that first craft fair, over 10 years of using acrylic paint, of hiking through forests and climbing mountains in search of inspiration, and of making my dreams come true on the daily. My life is a celebration of what it means to follow your heart and on this decade anniversary of my “art career” I celebrate with every brush stroke on the canvas. Growing up all I ever wanted to do was to draw and paint and create, and I’m fortunate enough to say that that’s never had to change. Throughout my life my muses have been many, but the muse that is the wilds of British Columbia compares to none other.

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